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Blue economy

The Blue economy encompasses all economic sectors which have a direct or indirect link to the ocean. It aims for the “sustainable growth in marine and maritime sectors as a whole. Seas and oceans are drivers for the European economy and have great potential for innovation and growth.” (European Commission) Therefore, the understanding of the complex relationship between the economic activity and ecological systems is of fundamental importance.

EMB activities

Geohazards and Blue Economy

Position Paper 26, Marine geohazards: Safeguarding society and the Blue Economy from a hidden threat (November 2021)

EMB Science Webinar on Marine Geohazards in Europe (December 2021)

Valuing Marine Ecosystem Services

EMB Science Webinar on Case studies on marine ecosystem service valuation (January 2021)

Future Science Brief 4, Valuing Marine Ecosystems - Taking into account the benefits of ecosystem services in the Blue Economy (April 2019)

Marine Graduate Training

Sea Tech Week Workshop on The future of observations from seabed to space: Training to support marine science (October 2020)

Future Science Brief 2, Training the 21st Century Marine Professional: A new vision for marine graduate education and training programmes in Europe (April 2018)


Policy Brief 3, Decommissioning of offshore man-made installations: Taking an ecosystem approach (April 2017)

Marine Biotechnology

Policy Brief 4, Marine Biotechnology: Advancing Innovation in Europe’s Bioeconomy (September 2017)

Position Paper 15, Marine Biotechnology: a Vision and Strategy for Europe (September 2010)

Position Paper 4, Marine Biotechnology: A European Strategy for Marine Biotechnology (December 2001)

Deep Sea

Policy Brief 2, Delving Deeper: How can we achieve sustainable management of our deep sea through integrated research? (November 2015)

Position Paper 22, Delving Deeper: Critical challenges for 21st century deep sea research (September 2015)

Marine Renewable Energy

Vision Document 2, Marine Renewable Energy (October 2010)

Biotic Ocean Resources

Position Paper 14, Science Dimensions of an Ecosystem Approach to Management of Biotic Ocean Resources (April 2010)


3rd Marine Board Forum - New Technolgies for a Blue Future (April 2012)