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ECOP Wednesdays - From a research project to a policy management tool

On Wednesday 5 July 2023, EMB hosted its 11th ECOP Wednesday series event featuring Young Ambassador Riwan Leroux who spoke about about the topic "From a research project to a policy management tool". The talk was followed by an interactive Q&A discussion. The event was 1 hour long, from 12:00 - 13:00 CEST. 






In this edition of the ECOP Wednesdays event series, hosted by the EMB Young Ambassadors and the EMB Secretariat for the EMB ECOP network, Young Ambassador Riwan Leroux spoke about the topic of 'From a research project to a policy management tool: Pressures in the Deep sea and Marine Protected Areas'. The talk will be followed by an interactive Q&A discussion.

Riwan Leroux, EMB Young Ambassador since April 2023, is a researcher in aquatic ecology with a PostDoc position at the Deep-Sea laboratory (BEEP) at EMB Member IFREMER, France. He works with Marjolaine Matabos and Jozée Sarrazin on evaluating the impact of research activities on hydrothermal vent fields. After a PhD in Canada, where he worked in trophic ecology and specialized in big data analysis, he chose the deep sea to unravel the impact of human activities in these remote areas. His PROTECT project, standing for “impact indicators in a deeP-sea maRine prOtecTed arEa and reCommendations for management”, is at the interplay between research and public policy support to co-construct management strategies..

You can re-watch the presentation on the EMB YouTube Channel.

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