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Press releases

11 June 2019: 'The Ocean we need’ - Europe's leading Ocean experts launch advice for governments (pdf)

2 April 2019: Taking into account the value of ecosystem benefits in the Blue Economy (link)

30 October 2018: Enhancing Europe’s marine ecosystem modelling capability for societal benefit (link)

30 July 2018: Europe’s biological ocean observation capability needs to be strengthened (link)

23 April 2018: Marine Graduates Vital to Sustainable Future Blue Economy (pdf)

7 March 2018: Winter jackets today for a tomorrow underwater (pdf)

19 February 2018: The “most intelligent picture” in marine science? (pdf)

31 January 2018: Marine science to support the UN2030 Sustainable Development Goals (pdf)

26 October 2017: New €2 million project launched to further research into links between oceans and human health (pdf)

10 October 2017: Sea for yourself! - EMB Policy Brief 5 on Marine Citizen Science (pdf)

11 September 2017: Marine Biotechnology: A sea of advancements - EMB Policy Brief 4 (pdf)

18 May 2017: Sea for yourself! - EMB Position Paper 23 on Marine Citizen Science (pdf)

16 May 2017: Should they stay or should they go? - EMB Policy Brief 3 on Decommissioning (pdf)

3 March 2017: Ticking time bomb of climate change - EMB Science Commentary 2 (pdf)

8 July 2016: Commissioner Vella consults CEOs of European Marine Board member institutes on priorities for advancing ocean observation and seabed mapping (pdf)

21 October 2015: The Ocean-Climate Nexus: The critical role of ocean science in responding to climate change - 5th EMB Forum (pdf)

1 September 2015: Delving Deeper - EMB Position Paper 22 on deep sea search (pdf)

9 October 2014: Human health, wealth require expanded marine science, experts say - EurOCEAN 2014 (pdf)

7 October 2014: Tracing our ancestors at the bottom of the sea - EMB Position Paper 21 on Submerged landscapes and sea level change (pdf)

12 March 2014: Arctic 2050: Towards ecosystem-based management in a changing Arctic Ocean - European Marine Board Forum discusses the implications of a changing Arctic (pdf)

20 May 2013: Navigating the future for European marine research - High-level launch of EMB Position Paper 20, Navigating the Future IV (pdf)

16 May 2013: Marine Protected Area networks hold the key for resilient marine ecosystems - EMB Position Paper 18 on Marine Protected Areas (pdf)

18 April 2011: New Technologies for a Blue Future - Marine Board Forum highlights Innovation hotspots for the European marine sector (pdf)

16 September 2010: Watch your seas: Marine scientists call for European marine observatory network - Marine Board Forum (pdf)

15 May 2008: Marine Data Challenges: from Observation to Information - Marine Board Forum (pdf)