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Upcoming Events

The European Marine Boards hosts and co-hosts a variety of events, both as regular series (the EurOcean conference and the Forums) as well as an on ad hoc basis to support relevant science policy initiatives and EMB activities such as ocean literacy and ocean observing. These events include conferences and workshops, among others.

23 January 2020

Stakeholder workshop around the EMB Position Paper No.25 "Next Generation European Research Vessel"

14 February 2020

Brown Bag Lunch n°4 on Blue Carbon

On Friday 14 February 2020, EMB will host its 4th Brown Bag Lunch to discuss Blue Carbon. Blue Carbon refers to organic carbon that is captured and stored by the oceans and coastal ecosystems.  In particular, the vegetated coastal ecosystems of seagrass meadows, tidal marshes, and mangrove forests sequester and store more carbon per unit area than terrestrial forests and are now being recognised for their role in mitigating climate change. Prof. Hilary Kennedy from the University of Bangor (UK) is one of the leading experts in Europe on this topic and she will provide some insight on the latest developments in this field.
30 March 2020

People, Health and the Ocean Conference

The final conference of the SOPHIE Project will present the findings of the project and will also launch the Strategic Research Agenda for Oceans and Human Health Research in Europe. Full details for this event are available here.

More information about the project is available on the website, and our input can be found here.

29 April 2020

EMB 7th Forum: Big Data in Marine Science

The 7th EMB Forum will discuss Big Data in Marine Science, and will be linked to the work of the ongoing EMB working group on Big Data.