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Universities Consortium Panel - UCP

The Universities Consortium Panel (UCP) was designed to provide a framework within which Higher Education Institutions that are part of EMB’s University Consortium Members could exchange information, ideas and best practice, and lay the groundwork for more direct collaborations as and where appropriate. The UCP also provided advice to other national or regional University groups interested in forming national consortia and becoming EMB Members.


Across Europe a number of Higher Education Institutions (HEI's) have formed distinct consortia to bring together institutions with interests in marine science. Under the auspices and with the support of the European Marine Board (EMB), there was a desire amongst some of these country- or regionally-based consortia to explore areas of mutual interest with regards to both research and education in their broadest sense.

Panel Objectives

  • The objectives of the EMB Universities Consortium Panel were to:
  • Establish a forum for HEI consortia that exist or are in development to meet;
  • Help identify and share best practice with respect to the governance and operation of these consortia;
  • Identify and share opportunities for HEI consortia to collaborate across the EU or internationally;
  • Promote each other’s consortiums both nationally and internationally;
  • Identify where the respective resources and networks that exist within these consortia can add value to existing and future EMB activities;
  • Provide a common voice from the Consortium members at EMB Board meetings.


In 2022, the EMB Executive Committee agreed that the Panel had run its natural course, and that this Panel does not require EMB’s Secretariat support anymore. However, University consortia remain an important EMB Member type, and the Higher Education Institutions will collaborate where needed.