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Recent Publications

Marine Science Communication in Europe: a way forward

New Ocean challenges and opportunities fuel the need for enhanced marine and solution-oriented science communication. This Future Science Brief highlights the critical need to strengthen the marine science communication capacity in Europe, as well as develop dedicated training programs, engage in deeper and wider collaboration with stakeholders, and ensure close interaction with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) and the EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030. 

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EMB Annual Report 2021

Although the impact of the pandemic continued to be noticeable for all, we can look back on a successful 2021 in the end. This year marked the start of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, to which the EMB proudly became the very first Implementing Partner. This news was shared during EMB's 8th Open Forum, organized as a hybrid event in Brussels and online, where a wide variety of Ocean stakeholders were brought together. EMB was able to publish three publications and launch the impact video for the NFV document. Find out all about our activities in the EMB Annual Report 2021.

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Uncovering the hidden threat of Marine Geohazards in Europe

Today, our society depends on critical coastal and marine infrastructure such as ports, telecommunication cables and renewable energy installations. With increasing human activities conducted in the marine environment and an increasing population living at the coast, society is becoming more exposed and vulnerable to the impacts of marine geohazards. This Policy Brief raises awareness about dormant geological risks in European coastal regions, and makes recommendations for future research and policy. It summarises the main messages and recommendations from the recent EMB Position Paper Nº26 on “Marine Geohazards: Safeguarding Society and the Blue Economy from a Hidden Threat”, published in December 2021. 

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8th EMB Forum Proceedings

The 8th EMB Forum took place in Brussels and online on 1 December 2021, and was on the topic of "Supporting the Ocean Decade in Europe". Over 100 participants from Europe and further afield engaged both online and in person, representing academia, early career researchers, policy-makers, industry, and NGOs. This document is a summary of the discussions, and full recordings of the sessions are available on the EMB YouTube Channel.


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Marine geohazards: Safeguarding society and the Blue Economy from a hidden threat

Considering that marine geohazards are unavoidable and will certainly continue to occur in the future, it is crucial to improve and expand our knowledge of those events. EMB Position Paper Nº26 presents an overview of the type, distribution and impact of marine geohazards on the European coastal regions and Blue Economy sectors. It highlights novel scientific approaches that broaden our understanding of their processes, trigger mechanisms and precursors. The document points towards relevant actions that would ensure the development of effective risk-mitigation and science-based management practices and policies, thereby contributing to protect coastal population and economic activities at sea.

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EMB relocates to new offices

On 12 September 2022, the EMB Secretariat moved to their new offices within the purpose-built InnovOcean building in Ostend. 

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Launch of "Renaissance" exhibition by EMBracing the Ocean artist Lera Litvinova

Lera Litvinova will open her exhibition “Renaissance” on August 26 at 17:00 at the Museum of Outstanding Figures of Ukrainian Culture (Lesya Ukrainka, Mykola Lysenko, Mykhailo Starytskyi, Panas Saksaganskyi) in Kyiv. At the exhibition, viewers will be able to see art objects related to Lera Litvinova's series of works ‘Under the Surface’, created as part of the EMBracing the Ocean residency. The exhibition is dedicated to the study of the impact of Russia's actions on the territory of Ukraine on the Black Sea.
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EMB Young Ambassadors Training Workshop

On 23-24 August 2022, the EMB Young Ambassadors attended a training workshop in Ostend, Belgium and Online. 

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Launching new training video to promote Respect at Sea

In cooperation with EMB and other international partners, today the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) launches a new training video to promote Respect at Sea. The video is being made available for all maritime institutions to use as part of their onboard training. 

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EMB Working Group on Ocean Oxygen kicks-off

On 21 and 22 June 2022, the new EMB Working Group on Ocean Oxygen met for the first time during the kick-off meeting held at the InnovOcean site in Ostende (Belgium) and online. The meeting was chaired by Sheila Heymans (EMB Executive Director) and the Working Group Chairs: Marilaure Grégoire (University of Liège, Belgium) and Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR, Germany). 

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Upcoming events

ECOP Wednesdays - Ecological impacts of large-scale offshore wind farms in the Mediterranean Sea

05 October 2022

On Wednesday 5 October 2022, EMB will host its 4th ECOP Wednesday series event featuring Dr Josep Lloret who will speak about Ecological impacts of large-scale offshore wind farms in the Mediterranean Sea. The event will be 1 hour long and will take place from 12:00 - 13:00 CEST. 

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YOUMARES 2022 Workshop

14 October 2022

On Friday 14 October 2022, the EMB Young Ambassadors will host a 2-hour workshop at the YOUMARES 2022 conference on 'Connecting to the Ocean: Learning to consider varying perspectives in conservation research'. 

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EMB Science Webinar - The MPA Guide: A framework to achieve global goals for the ocean

20 October 2022

On Thursday 20 October 2022, EMB will host its 24th Third Thursday Science Webinar featuring Dr Joachim Claudet who will give a talk on 'The MPA Guide: A framework to achieve global goals for the ocean'.
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EMB Autumn Plenary 2022

26 October 2022 to 27 December 2022

The EMB Autumn Plenary meeting will take place on  Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 October 2022. The meeting will take place in Ostend, Belgium, hosted by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ).
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