ExCom | European Marine Board


The European Marine Board operations are overseen by the Executive Committee (ExCom). The ExCom is composed of a Chair and six vice-Chairs, elected by the European Marine Board members, and the Executive Director of the Secretariat (ex officio).

The ExCom provides strategic guidance to the Board and Secretariat, oversees implementation of the actions agreed by the Board at plenary meetings, and makes operational and financial decisions.

Dr. Gilles Lericolais

Institut Français Recherche Exploitation de la Mer (Ifremer), France


Dr. Carlos Garcia-Soto

Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), Spain


Dr. Jan-Stefan Fritz

German Marine Research Consoritum (KDM), Germany


Dr. Mark James

Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS), UK


Prof. Ferdinando Boero

National Inter-University Consortium for Marine Sciences (CoNISMa), Italy


Dr. Yves-Marie Paulet

Marine Universities of France (UM), France


Mr. Jeremy Gault

Irish Marine Universities Consortium (IMUC), Ireland


Prof. Sheila Heymans
Executive Director (ex officio member)




Previous ExCom members:

Position                             Name                                                 Period

Chair                   Jan Mees (Belgium)                       Spring 2014 - Spring 2019

Vice-chair           Erlend Moksness (Norway)           Spring 2014 - Autumn 2018

Vice-chair           Gilles Lericolais  (France)              Autumn 2013 - Autumn 2018

vice-chair            Alessandro Crise (Italy)                  Spring 2012 - Spring 2017

vice-chair            Tarmo Soomere  (Estonia )            Spring 2012 - Spring 2017

Vice-chair            Jacky Wood (UK)                           Spring 2012 - Autumn 2014

Vice-chair            Carlo Heip (The Netherlands)        Autumn 2011 - Spring 2012

Vice-chair            Ricardo Serrao Santos (Portugal)  Spring 2012 - Autumn 2015

Vice-chair            Peter Haugan (Norway)                  Spring 2011 - Spring 2014

Chair                    Kostas Nittis (Greece)                    Spring 2011 - Spring 2014

Exec. Director     Niall McDonough (Ireland)              Spring 2009 - Summer 2017

Vice-chair            Beatriz Morales-Nin (Spain)           Spring 2009 - Spring 2012

Vice-chair            Çolpan Polat-Beken (Turkey)         Spring 2009 - Spring 2012

Vice-chair            Geoffrey O’Sullivan (Ireland)          Spring 2008 - Autumn 2011

Vice-chair            Edward Hill (UK)                             Spring 2007 - Spring 2012

Vice-chair            Antoine Dosdat (France)                Spring 2007 - Spring 2012

Chair                    Lars Horn (Norway)                       Spring 2006 - Spring 2011

Vice-chair            Jan Mees (Belgium)                       Spring 2006 - Spring 2011

Vice-chair            Jan De Leeuw (The Netherlands)  Spring 2004 - Spring 2009

Vice-chair            Kostas Nittis (Greece)                    Spring 2006 - Spring 2009

Vice-chair            Kaisa Kononen (Finland)                Autumn 2007

Chair                    Jean-Francois Minster (France)     2002 - 2006

Chair                    Fauzi Montoura  (UK)                     1999 - 2002

Chair                    Daniel Cadet (France)                    1995 - 1999

Exec. Director     Niamh Connolly (Ireland)                 2001 - 2009

Exec. Director     Laurent d’Ozouville (Portugal)         1994 - 2001