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The impact of deoxygenation in the Black Sea on ecosystem services: insights from BRIDGE-BS expeditions

On Thursday 21 September 2023, EMB hosted its 32nd Third Thursday Science Webinar featuring Dr. Mustafa Yücel who spoke about "The impact of deoxygenation in the Black Sea on ecosystem services: insights from BRIDGE-BS expeditions"


This topic is linked to the science within the EMB Future Science Brief No. 10 on 'Ocean Oxygen: The role of the Ocean in the oxygen we breathe and the threat of deoxygenation' and the Horizon 2020 BRIDGE-BS project.

After graduating from METU’s Chemical Engineering department in 2005, Mustafa Yücel obtained a PhD degree from the University of Delaware, USA in 2010. He did postdoctoral studies in France and Germany and since 2015 has been a faculty member at the Middle Eastern Technical University (METU) in Turkey at the Institute of Marine Sciences and a full professor since May 2023, also serving as the Vice Director. Dr Yücel is currently the co-coordinator of the H2020 Black Sea CONNECT (2019-2023) and BRIDGE-Black Sea (2021-2025) projects where METU coordinates more than 40 partners in 15 countries in Europe. He also leads METU's contribution to Horizon Europe consortia such as ARSINOE (2021-2025) and BlueMissionMed (2022-2025). Dr Yücel’s research interests include biogeochemical cycles in the Ocean, deep-sea ecosystems, sustainable blue economy and research/innovation policies. Dr Yücel was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant in 2022 and is working on the Horizon Europe ERC Project DeepTrace, which started in January 2023. The project will center on the role of metal nanoparticles in the deep sea as possible tracers of habitability of extreme environments, with implications for search of life in the newly discovered Ocean Worlds of the Solar System. 

The webinar can be viewed on the EMB YouTube channel.

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