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ECOP Wednesdays Event Series

Join us on the first Wednesday of every month for an ECOP event series that digs into the European marine science policy landscape!


The EMB ECOP Network was initiated in March 2022 by the EMB Young Ambassadors and the EMB Secretariat. It is designed to bring together Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) who are linked to the EMB Member Organizations, and provide them with a platform to meet, interact, learn, and have a voice.

The ECOP Wednesday event series is aimed specifically at the EMB ECOP Network, and focuses on the European and international marine science policy landscape. Held over lunch on the first Wednesday of every month, these one hour online events give attendees a chance to learn more about this complex landscape and interact with research and policy professionals and other stakeholders working within it.

The ECOP Wednesdays series provides members of this network with an opportunity to learn more about the wider context of their own research, and about different aspects of the European and international marine science policy. It is also an opportunity to connect with others who have an interest in this field. This monthly online event series is free of charge. The events include speakers working within different fields of marine science policy, and attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion. These events will also bring opportunities to discuss and debate on the present state and future of this landscape.


The upcoming ECOP Wednesdays will take place on the dates listed below. You click on the link to find out more information about the topic and speakers, as well as register for the event:

- Wednesday 4 October 2023: More info coming soon!

You can find out more about previous editions of ECOP Wednesdays below:

- Friday 1 September 2023: How to make EU politics understandable and accessible for young people

 - Wednesday 2 August 2023: The Wild Postcard Project - Local biodiversity through the art of children

 - Wednesday 5 July 2023: From a research project to a policy management tool 

- Wednesday 7 June 2023: Holiday

 - Wednesday 3 May 2023: The Oceanicas Initiative

 - Wednesday 5 April 2023: The pursuit of deep seabed mining in the face of uncertainties

 - Wednesday 1 March 2023: Experiences including socioecological knowledge from Spanish and west African stakeholders

 - Wednesday 1 February 2023: A Space to Connect - Ocean ArtScience Collaborations for a Shared Future

 - Wednesday 4 January 2023: Winter break

 - Wednesday 7 December 2022: Thoughts on the future regulation of ocean observing in the European Union

 - Wednesday 2 November 2022: How to use your PhD without being an academic

 - Wednesday 5 October 2022: Ecological impacts of large-scale offshore wind farms in the Mediterranean Sea

 - Wednesday 7 September 2022: Mission Oriented R&I for a Healthy Ocean

 - Wednesday 3 August 2022: Ocean Science Diplomacy

 - Wednesday 6 July 2022: Getting to know the European marine science policy landscape


You can find out more about the EMB ECOP Network here.

Contact at European Marine Board Secretariat: Paula Kellett Email