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ECOP Wednesdays December

On Wednesday, 6 December 2023, EMB and its Young Ambassadors hosted its 15th ECOP Wednesday series event featuring Ricardo Serrão Santos from the University of the Azores & Portuguese Academy of Sciences. Ricardo gave a talk on the multifaceted relationship between humans and the Ocean "Ocean, society and cultural anachronism". The talk was followed by an interactive Q&A discussion. The event was held over lunch and was one hour long, from 12:00 - 13:00. 

In this edition of the ECOP Wednesdays event series, hosted by the EMB Young Ambassadors and the EMB Secretariat for the EMB ECOP network, Ricardo Serrão Santos explored the multifaceted relationship between humans and the ocean in his lecture "Ocean, society and cultural anachronism", and shared his experience on transitioning from science to politics, how his beliefs about the importance of the Ocean were questioned and how the Ocean awareness has increased since 2015.

Ricardo Serrão Santos is an ocean scientist and politician from Portugal with a PhD in Biology from the University of Liverpool. His scientific career includes deep-sea research, particularly on biodiversity and conservation, having held roles as a senior scientist and professor at the University of Azores and leading positions within oceanography and marine research institutions. Politically, he served as a Member of the European Parliament and as Portugal's Minister of the Sea, bringing scientific insight to legislative processes. His contributions to ocean science are extensive, involving numerous research cruises and submersible explorations. He's contributed to defining European research infrastructures and has actively participated in international scientific committees and advisory boards, including the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. RSS is also an author and editor of significant marine publications and has been recognised for his efforts with awards like the WWF's Gift to the Earth. His political achievements include coordinating EU fisheries policies and contributing to maritime integrated strategies. RSS maintains a critical view of the need for science-driven governance and the responsible stewardship of marine resources. RSS is a Full Member of the Portuguese Academy of Sciences and an Emeritus Member of the Portuguese Navy Academy.

The webinar took place via Zoom. You can re-watch the prsentation via the EMB YouTube Channel and see the presentation slides here.

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