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Marine biodiversity underpins the health of the oceans and their productive ecosystems which, in turn, support sustainable fisheries and provide enormous possibilities for new biotechnological applications. However, marine biodiversity is changing rapidly as a result of natural and human pressures. Such changes can lead to environmental, economic and ultimately to social problems, but also to new opportunities for people and industry. To explore, conserve, and make better use of marine biodiversity, we need a deeper understanding of its origin, its composition and its role in ecosystem functioning.

EMB activities


Marine Habitat Mapping


Ocean Oxygen

   EMB Science Webinar on Sailing for oxygen - how citizen science can help understand ocean deoxygenation (December 2023)

    EMB Science Webinar on The impact of deoxygenation in the Black Sea on ecosystem services: insights from BRIDGE-BS expeditions (September 2023)

  EMB launch webinar presenting Future Science Brief 10 on Ocean oxygen (June 2023)

    Future Science Brief 10, Ocean oxygen: the role of the Ocean in the oxygen we breathe and the threat of deoxygenation (June 2023)


Biological Ocean Observation

    EMB Science Webinar on Biological Time Series for Science and Marine Status Assessment (July 2021)

    Future Science Brief 3, Strengthening Europe’s Capability in Biological Ocean Observation (July 2018)


Deep sea and Ocean health


Deep Sea

  ECOP Wednesdays Webinar on Mitigization of the deep-sea mining policy process in Norway (February 2024)   

ECOP Wednesdays Webinar on From a research project to a policy management tool: Pressures in the deep sea and Marine Protected Areas (July 2023)   

    ECOP Wednesdays Webinar on The pursuit of deep seabed mining in the face of uncertainties (April 2023)

    EMB Science Webinar on Critical research needs for informing environmental management of deep-sea mining (May 2022)

    EMB Science Webinar on Are we delving any deeper? An update on EMB Position Paper 22 (October 2021)

    Policy Brief 2, Delving Deeper: How can we achieve sustainable management of our deep sea through integrated research? (November 2015)

    Position Paper 22, Delving Deeper: Critical challenges for 21st century deep sea research (September 2015)


Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

    EMB Science Webinar on The MPA Guide: A framework to achieve global goals for the ocean (October 2022)

    EMB Science Webinar on The cells of ecosystem functioning: towards a holistic vision of marine space (September 2020)

    Position Paper 18, Achieving Ecologically Coherent MPA Network in Europe: Science Needs and Priorities (April 2013)


Marine Biodiversity

    ECOP Wednesdays Webinar on The Wild Postcard Project: Local biodiversity through the art of children (August 2023)

    Future Science Brief 1, Marine Biodiversity: A Science Roadmap for Europe (September 2012)

    Position Paper, Establishing a Framework for Implementation of Marine Biodiversity Research in Europe (May 2000)

    Position Paper 2, A European science plan on marine biodiversity (April 1998)


Marine Microbial Diversity

    Position Paper 17, Marine Microbial Diversity and its role in Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Change (June 2012)


Biotic Ocean Resources

    Position Paper 14, Science Dimensions of an Ecosystem Approach to Management of Biotic Ocean Resources (April 2010)