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EMB Secretariat Mission activities

This page collates relevant activities from the EMB Secretariat that promote the EU Mission Restore our Ocean & Waters objectives/ enablers.


Members of the EMB Secretariat engage in communication activities for the EU Mission Restore our Ocean & Waters (Mission Ocean) in a variety of roles, including as co-organizers and speakers at webinars and events, and promotion of diverse opportunities that the Mission Ocean offers. The Mission Ocean is promoted via EMB’s social media channels, including the weekly newsletters. EMB also highlights Mission Ocean-specific future research and policy needs in relevant publications making links to the Mission Ocean objectives and enablers.



Mission Charter

The Mission Ocean Charter collates all voluntary contributions to the Mission Ocean’s objectives to help their achievement by 2030. The EMB Secretariat has endorsed the Mission Ocean Charter and pledged actions that will contribute to the successful implementation of the Mission. 

You can also join the Mission Ocean Charter to help achieve the three objectives of the Mission Ocean via this link.

EMB publications  


EMB events 


EMBracing the Ocean projects 

Ukrainian artist Lera Litvinova's project contributes to all three of the Mission Ocean objectives: "Protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity", "Prevent and eliminate pollution of our Ocean and waters" and "Make the sustainable blue economy carbon-neutral and circular", and the “Public mobilisation and engagement” enabler.

French choreographer Emily Lartillot's project contributes to the Mission Ocean objective to "Protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity" and the “Public mobilisation and engagement” enabler.

Scottish composer Michael Begg's project contributes to teh Mission Ocean enabler "Public mobilisation and engagement".