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EMB Secretariat Ocean Decade activities

This page collates relevant activities from the EMB Secretariat that promote the Ocean Decade Challenges and Objectives.


EMB Publications

EMB Publications include a dedicated box highlighting in what way they contribute to the Ocean Decade challenges and objectives, and are submitted for endorsement as a Decade Activity.

EMB Publications that have been endorsed as Ocean Decade Activities are also collated in the open access AquaDocs repository of IOC-UNESCO, both in the Ocean Decade community website and in a dedicated EMB page.

Events and webinars

The EMB Secretariat organises Ocean Decade activities, and Members of the Secretariat participate as speakers and panelist in Ocean Decade webinars and events

Events organised by EMB

  • Launch webinar of EMB Policy Brief No. 11: Blue Carbon: Challenges and opportunities to mitigate the climate and biodiversity crises (November 2023). Watch the webinar here.
  • Launch webinar of EMB Position Paper No. 27Building Coastal Resilience in Europe (October 2023). Watch the webinar here.
  • EurOCEAN 2023: EurOCEAN conferences are major European marine science-policy conferences organized every 4-5 years by the EMB. They provide a forum for the marine and maritime research community and wider stakeholders to interface with European and Member State policymakers and strategic planners. EurOCEAN 2023 highlighted the synergies between the EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030 and the Ocean Decade. The conference is an officially endorsed Ocean Decade activity and took place 10-11 October 2023 in Vigo (Spain). Find out more here.
  • Launch webinar of EMB Future Science Brief No. 10Ocean oxygen: The role of the Ocean in the oxygen we breathe and the threat of deoxygenation  (June 2023). Watch the webinar here.
  • Launch webinar of EMB Future Science Brief No. 9: European offshore renewable energy: Towards a sustainable future (4 April 2023). Watch the webinar here.
  • CommOcean 2022: CommOcean conferences are focused on Ocean science communication and are co-organised by EMB. CommOcean 2022 was an officially endorsed Ocean Decade activity (30 November and 1 December 2022). Find out more here.
  • 8th EMB Forum: Supporting the Ocean Decade in Europe - EMB forums act as a platform to bring together a wide range of marine science stakeholders to discuss and share knowledge, identify common priorities, develop common positions and collaborate. The 8th EMB Forum was an officially endorsed Ocean Decade activity (1 December 2021). Find out more on the official conference website.


Other events and webinars

  • Sixth Ocean Decade Laboratory: an accessible Ocean - Executive Director Sheila Heymans was a panelist at this event (10 May 2022, re-watch it here)
  • Ocean Decade Laboratory: a predicted Ocean event - Executive Director Sheila Heymans hosted a panel discussion on "developing deep-sea ecosystem models" (16 September 2021)
  • Making waves for Ocean science: Empowering Women Leaders in the Ocean Decade (special Event in Celebration of International Women’s Day) - Executive Director Sheila Heymans was a panelist at this event (8 March 2021, re-watch it here)
  • Ocean Decade Virtual Series: Co-designing the science we need for the Ocean Decade Part 2 - Executive Director Sheila Heymans was a speaker at this event (8 December 2021, re-watch it here)
  • The Ocean Decade Virtual Series: Ocean and Human Health - Executive Director Sheila Heymans was a speaker at this event (5 October 2020, re-watch it here)


Scientific publications on the Ocean Decade:

Members of the EMB Secretariat are co-authors in publications related to the Ocean Decade

  • The Ocean Decade—Opportunities for Oceans and Human Health Programs to Contribute to Public Health (2021) in American Journal of Public Health. Publication link
  • The Ocean Decade: A true ecosystem modeling challenge (2020) in Frontiers in Marine Science. Publication link
  • A Roadmap for Using the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development in Support of Science, Policy, and Action (2020) in One Earth. Publication link


Other activities

  • EMB coordinates the regular meetings of the European Ocean Decade Implementing Partners. Next to EMB, EMODnet, JPIOceans, EurOcean and VLIZ are also European Ocean Decade Implementing Partners and participate in these regular meetings.

  • Training video to promote Respect at Sea: the EMB Secretariat engaged with NERC (UK), the National Oceanography Centre (UK), the World Maritime University and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO to create a training video that promotes Respect at Sea. This video was launched in July 2022 and is an Ocean Decade endorsed activity. You can find out more here.