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Ocean governance

Ocean governance aims to manage and use the world’s seas ocean and its resources in a healthy, productive, safe, secure and resilient way. To achieve this, cooperation and shared international responsibility is needed, especially for areas of the ocean outside the boarders of national jurisdiction.

EMB activities


Ocean Governance

    International Ocean Governance Forum (2019-2021)

    6th Marine Board Forum - Implementing the UN 2030 Agenda (December 2017)

        Forum message


Blue Carbon

    EMB launch webinar presenting Policy Brief 11 on Blue Carbon (November 2023)

    Policy Brief 11 Blue Carbon: Challenges and opportunities to mitigate the climate and biodiversity crises (October 2023)


Marine Training

    ECOP Wednesdays Webinar on How to use your PhD without being an academic (November 2022)

    Sea Tech Week Workshop on The future of observations from seabed to space: Training to support marine science (October 2020)

    Future Science Brief 2, Training the 21st Century Marine Professional: A new vision for marine graduate education and training programmes in Europe (April 2018)

    EMB Universities Consortium Panel (EMB UCP)


Valuing Marine Ecosystem Services

    EMB Science Webinar on Involving Stakeholders in Co-creation of Ecosystem Services Research (September 2021)

    EMB Science Webinar on Case studies on marine ecosystem service valuation (January 2021)

    Future Science Brief 5, Valuing Marine Ecosystem Services – Taking into Account the Value of Ecosystem Benefits in the Blue Economy (April 2019)


Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

    EMB Science Webinar on The MPA Guide: A framework to achieve global goals for the ocean (October 2022)

    EMB Science Webinar on The cells of ecosystem functioning: towards a holistic vision of marine space (September 2020)

    Position Paper 18, Achieving Ecologically Coherent MPA Network in Europe: Science Needs and Priorities (April 2013)


Biotic Ocean Resources

    Position Paper 14, Science Dimensions of an Ecosystem Approach to Management of Biotic Ocean Resources (April 2010)


European Marine Research Area

    STAGES - Science and Technology Advancing Governance of Good Environmental Status (2012-2014)

    Proposal and Recommendations for a Science-Policy Interface (SPI) to support MSFD Implementation (D4.2)

    Stakeholder Consultation on MSFD Science-Policy Interface (D4.1)

    SEAS-ERA - Towards Integrated Marine Research Strategy and Programmes project (2010-2014)

    Towards a Strategic Research agenda / Marine Researach Plan for the European Atlantic sea basin

    SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum Reports 

    Position Paper 5, Integrating Marine Science in Europe (November 2002)

    Towards a European Marine Research Area (December 2000)