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Online launch of EMB Position Paper No. 27 'Building Coastal Resilience in Europe'

The online lauch for EMB's Position Paper No. 27 'Building Coastal Resilience in Europe' will take place on Thursday 19 October. The webinar will feature Dr. Sebastian Villasante who will present the key messages from the Position Paper, followed by a panel discussion with guest panelists and Q&A with members of the working group.


The EMB Position Paper No. 27 on ‘Building Coastal Resilience in Europe’ presents key policy and scientific recommendations on how to build coastal resilience and enhance capacity to cope with impacts from climate change and other pressures of the coast. An overview of concepts and frameworks for building coastal resilience, along with a six-step approach for their use in coastal management is provided, along with an overview of the key pressures facing European coastal social-ecological systems and their impacts, including knowledge gaps for individual pressures, their combined effects, and tipping points at which a transition to a new state is triggered. Tools for building coastal resilience, with a specific focus on coastal protection and Nature-based Solutions, as well as barriers and enablers to the implementation of these tools are also described and three case-studies across Europe are presented: the Maharees Peninsula, Ireland; the Venice Lagoon, Italy; and the Belgian Coast to demonstrate key concepts.

The document was written by the EMB Working Group on Coastal Resilience, Chaired by Dr. Sebastian Villasante.

Please register for the webinar here.

The webinar will also be live-streamed on the EMB YouTube channel.

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