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Ocean Decade Conference Satellite Event: Supporting a global collective vision for ocean science by matching regional priorities

Regional structures play a key role in guiding activities to support the achievement of the global Ocean Decade Challenges. For the first time since the start of the Ocean Decade, different regional ocean science organizations and initiatives (European Marine Board, IOCAFRICA, IOC-WESTPAC, IOCARIBE, IOCINDIO, and the Southern and Arctic Ocean Task Forces) will present their research priorities for the end of the decade, providing the pieces of the puzzle of the global ocean.

The discussion will focus on matching, comparing and finding synergies between these priorities with the Ocean Decade Vision 2030 and finding avenues for future regional collaboration to deliver this vision.

The draft agenda for the event is available here.

The satellite event to the UN Ocean Decade conference will take place in Room 122-123 – Baltic Ocean at the Barcelona International Convention Centre on Thursday 11 April 2024 from 08:30 - 09:45 AM CEST.

To join the event, please register via this link.

Event Date
Room 122-123 – Baltic Ocean, Barcelona International Convention Centre, Barcelona, Spain