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Marine microplastics and the plastisphere: Hitchhikers and their luggage

On Thursday 18 July 2024, EMB hosted its 41st Third Thursday Science Webinar featuring João Frias who spoke on the topic of "Marine microplastics and the plastisphere: Hitchhikers and their luggage".

This topic is linked to the science within the upcoming EMB Position Paper No. 28 'Navigating the Future VI', in which João is a co-author on the Ocean and Fresh Water chapter.

Dr João Frias is a marine scientist whose research interests focus on microplastic pollution and behaviour change. He is based at the Marine & Freshwater Research Centre of the Atlantic Technological University, on the West coast of Ireland, since 2017. 

His contribution to the Navigating the Future VI report focussed on plastics, on the biofilm layer that forms when they are in the environment and on the impacts of plastic degradation on environmental health. His talk will cover those topics. 

For more details about Dr Frias, you can visit his website.

You can download the slides from the talk here and watch the recording on the EMB YouTube channel.

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