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Brown Bag Lunch N° 7: Marine habitat mapping to meet biodiversity, conservation and restoration objectives

On Monday 17th June 2024, EMB will host its next Brown Bag Lunch on the topic of marine habitat mapping to meet biodiversity, conservation and restoration objectives.

Join us for the launch of the European Marine Board's Future Science Brief No. 11 on 'Marine Habitat Mapping'. The event will highlight key scientific and policy recommendations for advancing marine habitat mapping including the latest technology to increase the quality and resolution of maps, how to better represent biology and the complexity of marine ecosystems, prioritisation of key habitats to map and costs involved. Learn how marine habitat mapping can best support key European and international commitments on marine biodiversity, conservation, restoration and management. The Future Science Brief is written by the EMB Working Group on Marine Habitat Mapping, consisting of 14 experts from 11 European countries. The Chairs of the the Working Group, Prof. Simonetta Fraschetti (University of Naples Federico II & Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN), Italy) and Dr. James Strong (National Oceanography Centre (NOC), UK), will present the key messages from document, with a specific focus on links to the proposed Nature Restoration Law, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the Habitats and Birds Directives. The event will end with an interactive discussion with the chance to ask questions to the Chairs of the Working Group.




Please register here before 7 June for both in-person and online attendance.


This Brown Bag Lunch is an in-person event, with the possibility to join remotely.

📍 Breydel 2, Floor 005, Room 402, Avenue d’Auderghem 19, 1040 Brussels
📅 Monday 17 June 2024, 12:00 - 14:40 CEST

🍴   12:00 - 13:00 CEST: Lunch (in-person only)
🎥 13:00 - 13:30 CEST: Presentation by Simonetta Fraschetti and James Strong
💬 13:30 - 14:30 CEST: Interactive discussion

We warmly thank DG Environment (European Commission) for hosting this event and for their kind support. 


Prof. Simonetta Fraschetti is a Full Professor of Ecology at the Department of Biology, University Federico II, Naples, Italy where she teaches Fundamental Ecology and Marine Ecology. She is Chair of the European Marine Board Working Group on Marine Habitat Mapping, President of the Marine Biological Symposium, and Member of the Administration Council of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn. Her work combines descriptive research, manipulative experiments and spatial analysis techniques to gain a better understanding of the patterns of distribution of marine biodiversity and of the processes shaping marine communities, with the aim to improve the conservation, management and restoration of marine coastal systems. She has been invited to serve on advisory committees of international projects and as member of the International Committee Margalef Prize for the acknowledgement of excellent scientific careers in the field of ecology and environmental sciences. 

Dr. James Strong is a marine ecologist and the current leader of the Seafloor Ecosystems sub-group at NOC. His primary interests are the mapping and modelling of marine species and habitats. James current works on several habitat mapping related programmes such as the NERC-funded CLASS (Climate Linked Atlantic Sector Science) and ACCORD (Addressing Challenges of Coastal Communities through Ocean Research for Developing Economies) projects as well as H2020 projects such as iAtlantic. James also has mapping interests in shallow water and tropical settings as he is the mapping lead on CMEP (Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme) and the PI for the BVI Coastal mapping project. James also has previous experience in marine habitat restoration, blue carbon, the monitoring of coastal water quality, macroaglal ecology and marine management (e.g. marine spatial planning).He has just completed a six-year term (maximum term) as the chairperson for the ICES Working Group on Marine Habitat Mapping, for which, he received an ICES Service Award. He will continue to remain a member of the ICES working group and is currently the co-chair of the Working Group on Marine Habitat Mapping commissioned by the European Marine Board.


Event Date
Breydel 2, Floor 005, Room 402, Avenue d’Auderghem 19, 1040 Brussels