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Ambassador Blogs

Read interesting stories about our Ambassadors and their research activities.

Ocean Hackathon – Thinking outside the box - by Juliette Aminian Biquet and Rebecca Zitoun (April 2023)

Learning to consider varying perspectives in conservation research - by Juliette Aminian Biquet (March 2023)

Working together with African stakeholders for a sustainable relationship with the ocean - by Alfredo García de Vinuesa (February 2023)

In hindsight: 2022 with two EMB artists-in-residence - by Anjali Gopakumar (January 2023)

Social skills in marine scientists: Empathy as a resource to work together with stakeholders - by Alfredo García de Vinuesa (June 2022)

Two Years of European Marine Board Young Ambassadorship - An Eye-Opening Experience as an Early Career Scientist - by Alessandro Cresci (February 2022)

Do we really need all these data, and what do we do with them? - by Natalija Dunić (February 2022)

Failure in Academia - The Upside of Down - by Rebecca Zitoun (January 2022)

Co-creation and Networking: Keys to Science Communication in the real world - by Anjali Gopakumar, with input from Rebecca Zitoun and Alessandro Cresci (October 2021)

Oceanographers on the island - young generations for a scientific future! - by Natalija Dunić (July 2021)


How is COVID-19 impacting the life of early career researchers - a different perspective from the EMB Young Ambassadors (October 2020)

Corals turned digital - by Liam Lachs


From the Big Apple to the Fjords of Norway in 2020: Pursuing marine science dreams during a pandemic - by Alessandro Cresci


What is the "right way" of going through a pandemic? - by Alba González Vega


The impact of the "new normal" on my early scientific career - by Natalija Dunić


Vulnerability of a Natural Spectacle: Fish Spawning Aggregations - a blog on a research activity by Liam Lachs (July 2019)