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Strategic foresight paper on AtlantOS in the European context

Strategic foresight paper on AtlantOS in the European context. Deliverable led by EMB for the European H2020 AtlantOS project WP10, with a particular focus on ocean observation coordination and governance in the context of European, Atlantic and global science-policy drivers.

This paper looks at the marine science - policy landscape and brings together different policy discussions aimed at the development of a European Ocean Observing System, in the context of AtlantOS, and how this relates to wider Atlantic and global policy drivers and existing and emerging wider ocean observation coordination. It has a European focus, looking at proposed mechanisms and components for ocean coordination and governance and the potential contribution of existing organizations and initiatives. The report serves as a reference document for, and contribution to, the European Strategy on Atlantic Ocean Observing and international BluePrint for an integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System.

More information about the project here.