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Impact reports

Impact report for Position Paper No. 25, which assessed collaboration and interoperability of the European Research Vessel fleet, taking into account the latest technologies and emerging areas of activity; and Policy Brief No. 7, which summarized the main messages and recommendations fro the Position Paper No. 25.
Impact report for Future Science Brief No. 5, which highlights the tools and frameworks used for the valuation of marine ecosystem services and their benefits, and the utilization of these tools in decision making for the sustainable management of coasts, seas and Ocean.
Impact report for Position Paper No. 24, which looks into the future (2030 and beyond) and identifies key topics that are set to significantly advance our understanding of the marine and broader Earth and climate systems; and Policy Brief No. 6, which links the recommended science from Navigating the Future V’ (NFV) to the societal outcomes of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.
Impact report for the Future Science Brief on how marine ecosystem models are being increasingly used as a tool for ecosystem management.
Impact report for the Future Science Brief calling to enhance European biological ocean observation capacity  in order to strengthen global efforts towards our understanding of the ocean.
Impact report for the Future Science Brief outlining a vision for the future of marine graduate education and training in Europe.
Impact report for the Policy Brief showcasing the latest scientific and technological advancements in marine biotechnology and explores future innovation
Impact report for the Position paper aiming to provide new ideas and directions to stimulate further advancement of Marine Citizen Science, and for the Policy brief introducing what Marine Citizen Science has to offer to marine science research, marine policy and society
Impact report for Policy Brief assessing the role of marine science in reducing the impact of decommissioning offshore installations.
Impact report for the Science Commentary questioning the over-emphasis in global policy discussions on 21st Century impacts of climate change
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