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COVID and Marine Science

During summer 2020, the EMB Secretariat conducted a survey to ask EMB member organizations about the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns had on their research and teaching activities.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic driving large-scale lockdowns in Europe in 2020, the EMB Secretariat was keen to understand the impacts these had on EMB member organizations, and their reseach and teaching activities.

To find out, an initial survey was conducted in summer 2020. The survey asked about both the negative and positive impacts that EMB member organizations had experienced, as well as the implications they foresaw for their future activities. It also asked members about inequalities in the impacts experienced by different groups of staff in their organizations.

30 responses to the survey were received from 23 EMB member organizations in 14 countries. This short report outlines the initial findings of that survey.

The survey was re-launched in February 2021. You can find the results of this updated survey here.