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New papers published on modelling tool for nutrient assessment

EMB Executive Director Sheila Heymans is a co-author in one of three new papers presenting a new tool for assessing the impacts of reduced nutrient inflow into European rivers and the ocean. This work has relevance for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the achievement of Good Environmental Status in European waters.

Scientists from the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, together with research institutes all over Europe have developed a new model ensemble to assess the pan-European impacts of improved land-based management to reduce the amount of nutrients being dumped into freshwater and coastal ecosystems and the marine environment. The results of this collaboration have been published in three scientific papers describing the impacts of measures on freshwater systems and nutrient exports to the seas (Grizzetti et al., 2021), the nutrient dynamics in the marine environment (Friedland et al., 2021) and the consequences for marine food webs and biodiversity (Piroddi et al., 2021). This third paper includes EMB Executive Director Sheila Heymans as a co-authors and refers to EMB's Future Science Brief on Marine Ecosystem Modelling.

You can find out more here.