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Launch of Navigating the Future Series video

To mark two years since the launch of Navigating the Future V, EMB have released a video highlighting the Navigating the Future publication series.

The video features interviews with John Bell (Director ‘Healthy Planet’, DG RTD, European Commission), Sigi Gruber (Former Head of Healthy Ocean & Seas Unit, DG RTD, European Commission), Vladimir Ryabinin (Executive Secretary of IOC-UNESCO), Niall McDonough (Director of Policy, Innovation and Research Services, Marine Institute Ireland), and EMB Young Ambassadors Rebecca Zitoun (Postdoctoral Researcher at GEOMAR) and Anjali Gopakumar (University of Bologna & Macquarie University). It describes the urgent need for policy-relevant Ocean science to answer complex questions relating to human interactions with the Ocean and to provide solutions to key societal challenges, as well as the role of the Navigating the Future series in highlighting knowledge gaps and making recommendations for societally-relevant Ocean research. The input of the latest edition, Navigating the Future V, is highlighted as an important knowledge base and intellectual contribution to the planning phase of both Horizon Europe and the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. It also acknowledges the crucial role of the Navigating the Future series in guiding evolving Ocean science priorities in the future.

You can watch the full video on the EMB YouTube Channel.