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Join the EMB Young Ambassador Programme

EMB is looking for two enthusiastic, engaged and creative young ambassadors that are willing to play an important role in advocating for EMB and promoting the societal and political relevance of marine science and the ocean within their own communities, and to a wide diversity of stakeholders. The two new Ambassadors will collaborate and liaise with our current Ambassadors and recent Alumni to share experiences and ideas.

The EMB Young Ambassador Programme is open to PhD students or post-doc researchers (up to a maximum of four years post PhD at the time of application) who are able to engage in the EMB Young Ambassador Programme for a period of 2 years and who are willing to use their creativity, imagination, communication, artistic talents, and interpersonal skills to help promote EMB activities and marine science in general. EMB Young Ambassadors can be stationed inside or outside the EU and can have a background in any aspect related to the marine environment, including natural & socio-economic sciences or science communication. They do not need to be EU citizens, but they do need to have a demonstrable link with an EMB Member Organisation.

Find all information on the call for Young Ambassadors under vacancies, and see who our current Ambassadors are and what they do here. Apply for the EMB Young Ambassador Programme by Sunday 28 February 2021.