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EMBracing the Ocean commitee


EMBracing the Ocean Committee

The EMBracing the Ocean Committee are responsible for evaluating applications and selecting the awardees. Committee members also work together to develop the EMBracing the Ocean programme and advise awardees on the development of their work. The Committee members for 2023 - 2024 are: 


Britt Alexander (Chair) is a Science Officer at the EMB Secreteriat in Belgium. Her work involves facilitation of EMB's science-policy expert working groups, including editing and communication activities. She also participates in EU projects including the EU's International Ocean Governance Forum and BRIDGE Black Sea. She previously worked at the the open-access journal Frontiers in Marine Science and has a PhD in marine sponge physiology and ecology from the University of Amsterdam.



Yves-Marie Paulet is a Marine Biologist, professor at the University de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO Brittany-France). He was a Delegate of the European Marine Board from 2011 - 2021, reprenseting the French Marine Universities network, and vice-Chair for three years. He is now the alternate French representative of the French Marine Universities network. For six years he was Director of the European Institute for Marine Sciences (IUEM, Brest) and since 2016 the Vice-President of UBO in change of maritime affairs.




Mette Mila is a Senior Advisor at the Research Council of Norway's Ocean Secretariat, member of European Marine Board Communication Panel, and member of Ocean Decade Communication Advisory Board. She is experienced within communication and science communication in the fields of ocean, climate and polar research, and has experience evaluating similar calls nationally.





Chris Fremantle is a researcher and producer focused on the roles of artists in public life, in particular in health and environment. He lectures at Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. He chairs the Ramsar Culture Networks’ Arts Focus Group and is advising a number of research-led arts projects including Ocean ARTic and AALERT. He established ecoartscotland in 2010 as a node in the ecoart community.


Eleni Christoforou is a marine biologist focusing on the effects of anthropogenic stressors on marine coastal communities and improving current practices for a more sustainable future. Eleni gained a BSc in Marine Biology and a BA in Art at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA and completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow, UK investigating the effects of microplastics and light pollution on mussel phytoplankton consumption and gaping activity. Eleni is currently an Assistant Scientist at the Cyprus Marine and Maritime institute. Her background in art facilitates her involvement in science communication and science illustration.


Lera Litvinova is a Ukrainian visual artist and art curator. Lera is the founder of Lera Litvinova Gallery in Kyiv. She supports an active position in the development of Ukrainian culture, and is a participant and curator of social projects actively implementing the principle of cultural diplomacy to strengthen cultural relations.