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EMB Young Ambassadors reflect on COVID-19

The four EMB Young Ambassadors reflect on how COVID-19 and national lockdowns have impacted on their professional and personal lives.

The four EMB Young Ambassadors - Liam Lachs (Newcastle University, UK), Alba Gonzalez Vega (IEO, Spain), Alessandro Cresci (IMR, Norway) and Natalija Dunic (IZOR, Croatia) - have written blogs about their various experiences as early career researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdowns, reflecting on how this has impacted on their working and personal lives.

Liam talks about having to move his research out of the field and online.

Alba considers the "right way" of going through a pandemic.

Alessandro talks about moving countries for his career in the middle of lockdown.

Natalija considers the impact of the "new normal" on her career.

You can read all of the blogs here and find out more about the EMB Young Ambassador Programme here.