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EMB Member Ocean Decade activities

EMB Members engage in a variety of Ocean Decade (OD) activities. Endorsed EMB Member actions include OD Programmes, OD Projects and OD Contributions, as well as National Decade Committees.

This page collates all the endorsed Ocean Decade activities in which EMB Members are involved.










Endorsed Decade Activities


Decade Project: 

  • ​​​​​​Above and Beyond - completing the World Register of Marine Species (ABC WoRMS) – Institution: VLIZ (FWO) (Lead). More info 



Decade Projects:

  • Unifying Approaches to Marine Connectivity for improved Resource Management for the Seas (SEA-UNICORN) – Institution: CNRS (Lead). More info 
  • Coastal Observatory for Climate, CO2 and Acidification for the global South society (COCAS) – Institution: Sorbonne Université (Universites Marines) (Lead). More info 
  • Mayotte observatory for research and response (MARMOR) – Institution: IFREMER (Lead). More info 
  • Ocean spy platform: Images analysis by citizens for ocean's life study – Institution: IFREMER (Lead). More info 

Decade Programme:

  • One Ocean Network for Deep Observation – Institution: IFREMER (Lead). More info 



You can find all information on GEOMAR's Ocean Decade activities here.

Decade Programmes:

  • Global Ocean Oxygen Decade (GOOD) – Institution: GEOMAR (Lead). More info
  • Digital Twins of the Ocean (DITTO) – Institution: GEOMAR (Lead). More info
  • Ocean Practices for the Decade – Institution: GEOMAR (Contributor). More info
  • Observing Air-Sea Interactions Strategy (OASIS) – Institution: GEOMAR (Contributor). More info
  • Marine Life 2030: A Global Integrated Marine Biodiversity Information Management and Forecasting System for Sustainable Development and Conservation – Institution: GEOMAR (Contributor). More info
  • Biomolecular Ocean Observing Network (OBON) – Institution: GEOMAR (Contributor). More info
  • Challenger 150 - A Decade to Study Deep-Sea Life – Institution: GEOMAR (Contributor). More info
  • Global Ecosystems for Ocean Solutions (GEOS) – Institution: GEOMAR (Steering Committee Member). More info
  • Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) – Institution: GEOMAR (Contributor). More info
  • Empowering Women for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development – Institution: GEOMAR (Steering Committee Member). More info

National Decade Committee:

  • German National Committee of the Ocean Decade – Institution: GEOMAR (National Committee Member). More info



Decade Projects:

  • DEUTERONOISE: characterising noise pollution caused by maritime traffic in selected sites throughout Europe – Institution: Universita degli Studi di Padova (CoNISMa) (Lead). More info
  • DIAPHONIA: identifying and quantifying the impact of noise on marine animals – Institution: Universita degli Studi di Padova (CoNISMa) (Lead). More info
  • Gulf of Naples integrated pelagic observatory: monitoring the pelagic ecosystem of the Gulf of Naples - Institution: SZN (Lead). More info

Decade Programmes:

  • The Science We Need for the Mediterranean Sea We Want (SciNMeet) – Institution: CNR (Steering Committee Member). More info
  • Observing and Predicting the Global Coastal Ocean (CoastPredict) – Institutions: CoNISMa (Lead), CNR (Contributor). More info
  • Naples Ecological REsearch Augmented observatory (NEREA) – Institution: SZN (Lead). More info



Decade Projects:

Decade Contribution:



Decade Programme: