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EMB at European Maritime Day 2022

European Maritime Day 2022 is being held in Ravenna, Italy and online on 19-20 May 2022. Members of the EMB Secretariat are attending and co-organizing a workshop on 'Exploring the future of MSP under the European Green Deal', as well as engaging in the 'Let's make Europe blue' EU4Ocean Ocean Literacy Summit.

The European Commission's annual European Maritime Day event seeks to raise European citizens' awareness of the seas and their importance. Ángel Muñiz Piniella and Paula Kellett, EMB Science Officer, and Jana Van Elslander, EMB Executive and Finance Officer, are attending the 2022 edition of the event in Ravenna. The event is an opportunity to reach out to the wider European marine, maritime and policy communities and promote the activities of EMB in that context.

The team are also co-organizing a workshop on 'Exploring the future of MSP under the European Green Deal' together with Eurisy, and CORILA who coordinate the MSP MED project. The workshop is taking place on 19 May at 14:00-15:00 CEST. The workshop will discuss what would need to be included in the processes of implementation of the European Maritime Spatial Planning Directive (MSP), for complying with Europe’s decarbonization ambitions, set by the European Green Deal and connected policies, also using new opportunities given by satellite data and considering further issues and new challenges recently emerged from science-based consciousness, such as underwater noise and marine geohazards. These latter points are based on the recommendations of the recent EMB Future Science Brief 7 on Underwater Noise and Position Paper 26 on Marine Geohazards, and these messages will be delivered at the workshop by Professor Francesco Chiocci, Co-Chair of the EMB Marine Geohazards working group.

As partners in the EU4Ocean Ocean Literacy Project, the team are also supporting and participating in the 'Let's make Europe blue' EU4Ocean Ocean Literacy Summit. The team will be supporting the EU4Ocean booth as well as supporting the organization of a workshop on 'Citizens Empowerment through Ocean knowledge co-production'.