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COVID-19 and Marine Science

In Summer 2020, EMB conducted an initial survey of it's member organizations to find out how they had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global COVID-19 pandemic caused lockdowns in countries accross Europe during 2020. These lockdowns meant that most people were required to work from home and interaction was severely limited. The EMB Secretariat was keen to understand the impacts that this had on EMB member organizations.

To do so, a survey was launched during Summer 2020. The survey asked EMB members about both the negative and positive impacts their organization had experienced on their research and teaching activities, as well as on their staff. The survey also sought to find out whether there was inequality in the impacts experienced by different groups of staff. Finally, the survey asked about potential future and ongoing implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on EMB member organization operations.

30 responses to the survey were received from 23 EMB member organizations in 14 countries, with several organizations providing multiple responses.

A short report outlining the initial findings of this survey can be found here.