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CoCoNet end user meeting & related funding information

The FP7 project, “Towards coast to coast network of marine protected areas (from the shore to the high and deep sea) coupled with sea-based wind energy potential in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea” (CoCoNet, 2012-2016), presented its achievements at their end-user meeting in Brussels (14 Jan. 2016).  The project proposed the concept of “Cells of Ecosystem Functioning” as a conservation and management unit to help in the development of a coherent network of MPAs and to identify suitable area for offshore wind farms. Further details can be found on the project webpage. Their results are in line with previous EMB recommendations for an ‘ecosystem-based marine spatial management’ (EMB PP18) and a holistic approach to continue biodiversity research (EMB FSB1). The project also stressed the need for biological ocean observation and human capacity building. In 2016, the EMB will address both topics: to kick off an expert working group (website) and to publish a Future Science Brief on Marine Graduate Training based on the work of WG Training (website).

Related funding information:

DG MARE/EASME issued/will issues calls related to MPA, MSP and training:

  • Call for Tenders: Study on the economic benefits of Marine Protected Areas (deadline 14 March 2016) (EC website)
  • Call for Proposals: Projects on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) (deadline 31 March 2016) (EASME website)
  • DG MARE will launch a call for proposals (€3,4 million allocated) on ‘Blue Careers in Europe’ under the EMFF in 2016.