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A bird's eye view on 25 years of EMB's marine research activities

On Friday 12 June 2020, EMB Executive Director Sheila Heymans gave an overview of how the EMB has been developing, promoting and linking marine science to societal challenges in the past 25 years. She did this as the guest speaker on the AIR Centre Networking Fridays, moderated by Wendy Watson-Wright.

Since the establishment of the European Committee for Ocean and Polar Sciences in 1989, a lot has been done to bring some of the grand challenges for ocean and polar science under the attention of policymakers. After the publications of the "The Ocean and the Poles: Grand Challenges for European Cooperation" by G. Hempel et al. in 1995, the European Science Foundation (ESF) had set up the Marine and Polar Science Board (EMaPS) to bring the main experts in Europe together to coordinate specific marine, polar and joint activities. Since that time, the experts from the European Marine Board have published 25 Position Papers, 6 Future Science Briefs, 6 Policy Briefs and several other publications on various marine scientific topics and how these link to various societal challenges. In her presentation, Sheila linked the main conclusions and recommendations of these various publication and demonstrated how these were taken up by policy makers and various stakeholders. 

You can find the link to the presentation here, or watch the talk via this link.