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3rd Marine Board Forum Presentations

New Technologies for a Blue Future 

18 April 2012, Brussels

 Programme - download

Key-note presentation
Understanding the planetary life support system: next generation science in the ocean basins

John Delaney (University of Washington, USA)

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_01_John_Delaney

Session 1 - Innovation Hotspots: Key examples of future and emerging marine technologies

Chair: Kostas Nittis (Marine Board Chair, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece)

 3rd Marine_Board_Forum_Kostas_Nittis

Marine Ecosystem Acoustics: A cost-effecient approach to ecosystem information

Olav Rune Godoe (Institute of Marine Research, Norway) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_02_Olav_Rune_Godoe

Molecular Marine Biotechnology: From genes to bioactive products

Werner Müller (J. Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_03_Werner_Muller

Status Quo of Offshore Aquaculture in Germany: A new vision for a "green economy" in the marine realm

Bela Buck (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_04_Bela_Buck

Building with Nature in Coastal and Marine Environments

Huib de Vriend (ECOSHAPE, Netherlands) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_05_Huib_de_Vriend

Marine Environmental Micro Sensors

Matt Mowlem (National Oceanography Centre, UK) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_06_Matt_Mowlem

Standing Wave Tube Electro Active Polymer: Wave energy converter

Philippe Jean (SBM Offshore N.V., Netherlands)

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_07_Philippe_Jean

Session 2 - What's the big idea? Some new and blue technologies in a nutshell

Chair: Antoine Dosdat (Marine Board vice-Chair, French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea, France)

 120418 3rdMarineBoardForum_AntoineDosdat

Flash presentation: Advanced textiles for open sea biomass cultivation (AT-SEA)

Bert Groenendaal (SIOEN Industries N.V., Belgium) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_08_Bert_Groenendaal

Flash presentation: AlgaePARC and models for large scale microalgae production

Ellen Slegers (Wageningen University, Netherlands) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_09_Ellen_Slegers

Flash presentation: iMarine - a Hybrid Data Infrastructure for an ecosystem approach to fisheries management and the conservation of marine living resources

Pasquale Pagano (iMarine project / National Research Council, Italy) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_10_Pasquale_Pagano

Flash presentation: Bio-inspired marine anti-fouling strategies for reducing the cost of ownership of marine deployed structures

Fional Regan (MESTECH / National Centre for Sensor Research, Ireland) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_11_Fiona_Regan

Multi-sectoral case study: The SmartBay Galway Collaboration: A Marine and Coastal Research and Development Platform

Harry Kolar (Sensor-Based Solutions, IBM Research) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_12_Harry_Kolar

Session 3 - Investing in Knowledge

Chair: Geoffrey O'Sullivan (Marine Board Member / Marine Institute, Ireland)

 120418 3rd_MARINE_BOARD_FORUM_hd-188low_def

Key-note address: Marine Technologies: EU research and innovation initiatives

Manuela Soares (Director of Environment Directorate, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation)

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_13_Manuela_Soares

Marine Knowledge Management: From RTD to measurable value creation

David Murphy (Aqua TT, Ireland) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_14_David_Murphy

Commercializing marine science: Process to production

Stephen de Mora (Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK) - Download presentation

3rd Marine_Board_Forum_15_Stephen_de_Mora