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Ambassador Activities

The EMB Ambassadors are cooperating with EMB on diverse activities for a 2-year period. Read all about their activities and where you might run into them below.

24-27 September 2019: Alba Gonzálzes is applying to present EMB work at the ICYMARE Conference (Bremen, Germay)

ICYMARE is the “International Conference for Young MArine REsearchers” which is organized voluntarily by and for young marine researchers. The conference is an event of the “Bremen Society for Natural Sciences”.

23-27 August 2019: Liam Lachs to participate in the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador Summer School (Galway, Ireland)

EMB was very happy to hear that Liam and Alba were asked to participate in the first All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador Summer School that will place from 23-27 August 2019 in Galway, Ireland. Only 25 places were available for this summer school, so it was a great honour for them to be asked to participate in this. The first goal of the Ambassadors taking part in the summer school will be to campaign and drive change in their own communities. Successful campaigns will be presented in early 2020 in Brussels at the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum, so we will keep our eyes open for that!

13 June 2019: Presentation at the EMB Spring Plenary meeting (Paris, France)

After the EurOCEAN conference, our Ambassadors participated in the EMB Plenary meeting to meet and greet with the EMB Delegates, and to hear about the ongoing EMB activities. Alba will be closely following the new EMB Working Group on Marine Geohazards, to be launched by the end of 2019. Liam has shown a particular interest in a possible new Working Group on Coastal conservation, restoration and adaptation that EMB will pick up in the coming year and prepared a short background note to pitch this new topic to the Board.

11-12 June 2019: Closing speech at the EurOCEAN 2019 Conference (Paris, France)

The EMB Young Ambassadors, Liam Lachs and Alba González, presented their vision for future marine science at the closing session of the EurOCEAN 2019 conference. The speech was a result of liason with the 10 selected PhD-poster presenters in the weeks before and during the conference to discuss their vision for the future of the oceans and the future of marine science. They identified 5 key issues that are fundamental to a sustainable future: open access science; the science policy interface; stakeholder engagement and science communication; education; and gender equality. The contribution and engagement from the young marine scientists during the event was highly appreciate by the conference participants.

21-22 May 2019: EMB Ambassador Training Workshop (Ostend, Belgium)

On 21-22 May 2019, our Young Ambassadors came to Ostend for a training workshop on what the European Marine Board is all about, where we fit in the European marine science-policy landscape, what the trending topics are and which activities they could get involved in.