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7th EMB Forum registration

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Registration is required for this event for organisational purposes (venue size, catering services, informing participants on programme updates, etc.). Several e-mails may be sent as part of the communication agreement: posting of the final programme, and a final e-mail with links to photographs of the event and links to download presentations. Your data will be removed after the event and once the final e-mail has been sent. More information can be found at http://www.marineboard.eu/privacy-policy.

During the 7th EMB Forum, photographs/videos will be taken which are used for EMB communication outputs e.g. the EMB annual report and other EMB publications, or posted on our website. If you do not want your pictures to be published, you can send a request for the removal of photographs or videos to . Photos in which the requester are shown will be removed from our website and servers; for videos, the film segment will be cut out or the film deleted if the requester is clearly visible.

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