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Recently completed working groups

  • Working Group on Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research, WG SUBLAND
    Output: Position Paper 21, Land Beneath the Waves: Submerged landscapes and sea level change (Sept. 2014)
    Policy Brief 1: How did our ancestors adapt to sea-level change? (Nov. 2014)
  • Working Group on Oceans and Human Health, WG OHH
    Output: Position Paper 19, Linking Oceans and Human Health: A Strategic Research Priority for Europe (Dec. 2013)
  • Working Group on Marine Protected Areas, WG MPAs 
    Output: Position Paper 18, Achieving Ecologically Coherent MPA Network in Europe: Science Needs and Priorities (April 2013)
  • Working Group on Marine Microbial Diversity, WG MICROCEAN 
    Output: Position Paper 17, Marine Microbial Diversity and its role in Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Change (June 2012)
  • Working Group on Marine Chemical Pollution, WG POLL
    Output: Position Paper 16, Monitoring chemical pollution in Europe's Seas - programmes, practices and priorities for research (November 2011)
  • Working Group on Marine Biotechnology, WG BIOTECH
    Output: Position Paper 15, Marine Biotechnology: a Vision and Strategy for Europe (September 2010)
  • Working Group SEAMBOR, joint Marine Board - ICES - EFARO initiative 
    Output: Position Paper 14, Science Dimensions of an Ecosystem Approach to Management of Biotic Ocean Resources (April 2010)

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