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Linking Oceans and Human Health: A Strategic Research Priority for Europe

Key research needs and priorities to support the development of a holistic and coherent transnational oceans and human health research effort in Europe. The paper highlights that human health and well-being is intrinsically connected to, and impacted by, the seas and oceans which surround our continental landmass. To manage this relationship, we need an effective policy framework, linking maritime and public health policies. While Europe has made significant strides in developing an Integrated Maritime Policy, we do not yet take sufficient account of human health aspects in maritime policy-making. Hence the concerted European research effort advocated by this paper does not just represent and interesting scientific challenge, but is essential to ensure that improving public health and achieving Good Environmental status in European seas are linked and mutually supportive policy objectives. The paper was pre-released at the dedicated workshop on Oceans and Human Health co-organized by the EMB and JPI Oceans during the European Maritime Day (EMD) Stakeholder Conference 2013 in Malta. Since its presentation at the EMD, the report has generated several follow-up activities, including a dedicated multi-disciplinary expert workshop on Oceans and Human Health in Cornwall, UK, in March 2014. Furthermore, report’s messages have been taken up by several national research and education initiatives

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Oceans and Human Health