EMB publications on climate changes and ocean research

The Ocean-Climate Nexus: the critical role of ocean science in responding to climate change Consensus Statement (2015)  (pdf)

How did our ancestors adapt to sea-level change? Safeguard European underwater heritage through Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research

Chu, N.C., McDonough, N, Flemming N.C. (2014) EMB Policy Brief No.1, European Marine Board, Ostend, Belgium, ISSN0778-3590. (pdf)
Land Beneath the Waves: Submerged landscapes and sea level change. A joint geoscience-humanities strategy for European Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research. Flemming, N.C., Çağatay, M.N., Chiocci, F.L., Galanidou, N., Jöns, H., Lericolais, G., Missiaen, T., Moore, F., Rosentau, A., Sakellariou, D., Skar, B., Stevenson, A., Weerts, H. (2014) Chu, N.C. and McDonough, N. (Eds.) Position paper 21 of the European Marine Board, Ostend, Belgium. 171pp. ISBN:978-94-920430-3-0. (pdf)

Arctic 2050: Towards ecosystem-based management in a changing Arctic Ocean 4th European Marine Board Forum Proceeding, (12 March 2014, Brussels, Belgium), 32pp. (pdf)

Getting ready for an ice-free Arctic Haugan P. (2013) European Marine Board Science Commentary 1. (pdf)

Changing oceans in a changing Earth system European Marine Board (2013) Navigating the Future IV. Po.sition Paper 20, Chapter 3, pp38-51. (pdf)

Synthesis of European research on the effects of climate change on marine environment CLAMER/ Marine Board Special Report (2011)151pp. (pdf)
Impacts of climate change on the European marine and coastal environment

Philippart, C.J.M., Anadón, R., Danovaro, R., Dippner, J.W., Drinkwater, K.F., Hawkins, S.J., O’Sullivan, G., Oguz, T., Reid, P.C. (2007), Marine Board-ESF Position Paper 7, 82pp. (pdf)

Navigating the Future III Marine Board-ESF (2006) Position Paper 8, 67pp. (pdf)

Other publications and collborated positions

Climate Change: Ignore the ocean at your peril

Adjacent Governance 9, February 2016 (pdf)
Ocean Science and Climate Change Canadian Consortium of Ocean Research Universities (CCORU) Briefing Note (pdf)