The event concluded with the launch of a “Consensus statement.”  This statement (download), drafted by a working group nominated from EMB member organizations and Consortium for Ocean Leadership (USA), reflects a consensus view from marine research communities on the key priorities for ocean research in the context of global change. 


Drafting group experts:

Prof. Dr. Michael Schulz, MARUM, Germany (lead author) (link)

Michael is Professor for Geosystem Modelling at Bremen University. He uses numerical climate models to better understand the role of the ocean in the climate system. His research focusses on the origin of climate variations at millennial-to-interdecadal timescales and on climate-change effects in coastal areas. He is director of the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM), Chair of the DFG Commission for Oceanography and has been Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC AR5, WG1.

Dr. Hugues Goosse, UCL, Belgium (link)

Hugues is research director with the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS, Belgium) and professor at the Université de Louvain where he teaches climate and oceanography related topics. His research is mainly devoted to the development of climate models, model-data comparison and the application of models to study past, current and future climate change. He analyzes both natural variability and the response to human-induced perturbations, focusing on the role of ocean and sea ice in climate changes at decadal to centennial timescales.

Prof. Eileen Hofmann, Old Dominion University, USA (link)

Eileen is recognized for her work on coupled physical-biological models. Her research interests are in the areas of understanding physical-biological interactions in marine ecosystems, climate control of diseases of marine shellfish populations, descriptive physical oceanography, and mathematical modeling of marine ecosystems. She currently is Chair of the Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) Project, which is co-sponsored by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research.  As IMBER Chair, she serves on the IGBP Science Committee. 

Dr. Pierre-Yves Le Traon, IFREMER, France (link)

Pierre-Yves is scientific director of Mercator Ocean and research director at Ifremer. His research interests include satellite and in-situ observing systems, sea level and ocean circulation and operational oceanography. He is the coordinator of several French and European projects related to operational oceanography and Argo. He is member of the International Argo steering team, of the EuroGOOS board, the GOOS Steering Committee and the ESA Earth Science Advisory Committee. He chairs the Euro-Argo ERIC council.

Prof. Susan Lozier, Duke University, USA (link1 & link2)

Susan is a physical oceanographer who studies large-scale ocean circulation, focusing on the ocean’s role in climate variability and climate change. She studies the large-scale meridional overturning circulation of the ocean and how that circulation impacts the transfer of heat and fresh water from one part of the ocean to another. She is the international project lead for OSNAP (, an observing system designed to measure the meridional overturning in the subpolar North Atlantic.

Dr. Baris Salihoglu, Middle East Technical University, Turkey (link)

Baris is Assistant Professor in ecosystem modelling, focusing on exploring marine ecosystems and biogeochemical dynamics via the combination of modeling and data analyses. He works on development of biogeochemical cycle models in North Atlantic, Mediterranean and the Black Seas to include new algorithms that would decrease the carbon cycle model uncertainty under changing environmental and climate conditions. He also has expertise on end-to-end models that link biogeochemical models and food-web models including fish and jellyfish, mainly focusing on the influence of climate, fisheries and invasive species on fish populations.

Prof. Isabel Sousa Pinto, CIIMAR, Portugal (link)

Isabel is professor at the University of Porto and researcher at Ciimar (Centre for Marine and Environmental Research). She has a PhD in seaweed ecology, ecophysiology and cultivation from the University of California Santa Barbara. Her main research is in biodiversity and ecology of benthic communities and the biology, cultivation and use of seaweeds. She is also member of the Steering/Executive Committees of several international and European programmes, including EPBRS, MABEFF+, MARS, EMBOS, and co-chair of the Working group on Marine Ecosystem Change from GEO BON and in the Portuguese delegation to the UN Convention for Biological Diversity.

The Consensus Statement have received comments from experts and stakeholders, as well as approval by the members of both European Marine Board and Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

List of consulted experts:


Ferdinando Boero, Professor of Zoology, University of Salento, Italy

Laurent Bopp, Research Director CNRS, LSCE, France

Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Research Director CNRS, UPMC, France

Catherine Jeandel, Research Director CNRS, LEGOS, France

Svein Sundby, Research Scientist in Physical Oceanography and Marine Ecology, IMR, Norway

Mojib Latif, Head of the Research Division ‘Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics/ Head of the Research Unit ‘Marine Meteorology’, GEOMAR, Germany

Ceri Lewis, Lecturer in Marine Biology, University of Exeter, UK

Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary, IOC/UNESCO

Andrea Tilche, Head of the Climate Action and Earth Observation Unit, European Commission

Ricardo Serrão Santos, Professor in Marine Biology, Member of the European Parliament


Andrea Dutton, Assistant Professor of Geology, University of Florida, USA

Steven Lohrenz, Dean, School for Marine Science and Technology, University of Massachusetts

Ellen Martin, Professor of Geology, University of Florida, USA

Roberta Marinelli, Director, Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Southern California

Marcia McNutt, Editor-in-Chief, Science

Michael Perfit, Professor of Geological Sciences, University of Florida, USA

Raymond W. Schmitt, Senior Scientist in Physical Oceanography, WHOI

Bob Weller, Senior Scientist in Physical Oceanography, WHOI, USA