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EMB at European Maritime Day (19-20 May, Bremen, Germany)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Today, the European Marine Board is attending the seventh edition of EEMD-weburopean Maritime Day in Bremen, Germany (19 & 20 May). European Maritime Day brings together Europe’s maritime community and policymakers to discuss, debate and exchange best practices. The 2014 Conference focuses on innovation in the maritime sector with a packed agenda of high-level sessions and stakeholder workshops, as well as exhibitions, public events and networking events. The European Marine Board is supporting a workshop organized by EMODnet and EuroGOOS focusing on key components of a functional end-to-end system for European ocean observation, emphasising the need for close collaboration between science and industry for new technologies and new services in support of Blue Growth. In line with the workshop on European ocean observation, EMB are disseminating their strategic paper on a 'European Ocean Observation System' PDF (Chapter 11, extract from Navigating the Future IV, EMB, 2013).

EMB Spring 2014 Plenary Meeting (14-15 May, Brest, France)

Friday, 16 May 2014

EMB Spring 2014 Plenary BrestThe European Marine Board Spring Plenary took place in Brest this week. As a result of the ExCom elections held in the closed session on 14 May, Jan Mees (FWO/VLIZ, Belgium) was elected as new chair of the European Marine Board. Erlend Moksness (IMR, Norway), was elected as vice-chair. Kostas Nittis (HCMR, Greece) and Peter Haugan (UiB, Norway) stepped down as, respectively, chair and vice-chair of the Board after completion of their full three-year terms. The open session held on the afternoon of 14 May, featured presentations on the EMB working group on deep-sea research (by Prof. Alex Rogers, University of Oxford, UK), the Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans, POGO (by Sophie Seeyave, Assistant Director), EuroMarine (by Catherine Boyen, Vice-Chair) and IPCC AR5 (by Michael Schulz, MARUM, Germany). Yves-Marie Paulet updated the meeting on the activities of the Uiversité de Bretagne Occidentale and Universités Marines (the French Marine University Consortium). Permanent EMB plenary observers, IOC and European Commission were represented by Wendy Watson Wright (IOC Executive Secretary) and Ana Teresa Caetano (DG R&I Marine Unit Project Officer), with Ana Teresa Caetano presenting an update on Horizon 2020. The European Marine Board gratefully acknowledges the warm and impeccably organized support to the meeting by the plenary hosts, Universités Marines, represented on the Board by Yves-Marie Paulet (Director of IUEM, UBO, France) and supported by Dominique Simon (international project coordinator at IUEM). UBO President, Pascal Olivard, and Vice-President of Bretagne Region Council, Pierre Karleskind, welcomed the Board at the reception in the city hall of Brest, organized on the occasion of the EMB plenary. Featured on the picture: EMB delegates, secretariat team, and plenary observers, 14 May, Brest. Credit: Sebastien Hervé/UBO. View meeting pictures here

EurOCEAN 2014 - Registration open!

Friday, 09 May 2014

EurOCEAN2014 crEurOCEAN 2014, entitled Connecting Science, Policy and Peoplewill provide a valuable opportunity for interaction and exchange between European marine and maritime research actors, stakeholders, policy makers and programme managers. The conference will identify future research priorities in support of blue growth, human health and wellbeing, and sustainable management of coastal seas and oceans. As a key theme, EurOCEAN 2014 will discuss mechanisms to achieve cross-disciplinary approaches in addressing complex societal challenges. The conference will also focus on the goal of connecting science, policy and people.

With a varied and stimulating programme running over 2½ days, EurOCEAN 2014 will include:Q.Cooper creditVLIZcap

• Keynote horizon-scanning presentations from leading European and international scientists;
• Focused discussion sessions on societal, policy and regional challenges including maritime policy,ocean resources, managing marine space, and linking oceans and human health;
• Dialogue on capacity building including research infrastructures, ocean observing systems and human capital;
• A Mediterranean roundtable, dedicated side events and an open panel discussion moderated by Quentin Cooper, BBC Radio 4 science presenter;
• Identification of emerging challenges and opportunities in seas and oceans research.

Registration is now open on the website:  
Download the conference flyer

EMB WG Deep-Sea 2nd meeting (24-25 April 2014, Oxford)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

WG_Deepsea_2nd_mtgThe second meeting of the EMB working group on Deep-Sea (WG Deep-Sea) takes place today and tomorrow at the Somerville College in Oxford, UK. Chaired by Prof. Alex Rogers (University of Oxford), WG Deep-Sea is working to deliver a strategic position paper provisionally entitled 'Deep-Sea Research for Societal Challenges and Policy Needs'. In today's meeting, members will address the outline of each chapter of the future position paper. The meeting also includes an interactive session of the working group members with industrial representatives with expertise ranging from deep-sea fisheries, oil & gas industry, marine biotechnology and experts in high seas governance and socio-economics.


Faranda Prize to young researchers - Call for applications open!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

FarandaPrize2014Early career researchers in marine science are invited to submit applications for the 2nd edition of the Faranda Prize, a biannual international competition for young researchers organized by CoNISMa in memory of its founder, Francesco Maria Faranda. Applications are invited from researchers providing outstanding but still unpublished contributions in the field of fundamental and applied interdisciplinary marine research. The winner will be awarded €5,000 at CoNISMA’s 20th anniversary celebration event on 09 October 2014, a side-event of the high-level EurOCEAN 2014 conference, organized as an official Italian EU Presidency Event in Rome. In addition, the top 10 authors will receive a €500 travel grant and free registration to attend EurOCEAN 2014. The European Marine Board is providing scientific expert support to the 2014 Faranda Prize. The deadline for applications is 31 May 2014. Download the flyer here. Further information including the application procedure can be found on the CoNISMA website.

SEAS-ERA Final Conference (8-9 April 2014, Majorca)

Tuesday, 08 April 2014

SEAS-ERA fnlconf2014The closing conference of the EU FP7 SEAS-ERA project starts today in Majorca, Spain. The aim of the 2-day event is to present the conclusions, impacts and future perspectives of the SEAS-ERA project which has been running for 48 months and ends on 30 April 2014. Also included in the meeting will be an overview of the first year of the 5 five projects funded by the SEAS-ERA Atlantic and Mediterranean call as well as discussions on strategic interests in the field of marine research and international relations between countries sharing oceans. Later today, EMB Executive Scientific Secretary, Dr Niall McDonough, will give a talk on ‘Structuring research in Europe’ in the conference session dedicated to SEAS-ERA in the European context. Further information on the final conference is available on the SEAS-ERA website.

2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructures (2-4 April 2014, Athens)

Wednesday, 02 April 2014

EOOS EMB-NFIVToday, stakeholders are gathering in Athens for ICRI 2014, the 2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructures (2-4 April 2014, Athens). Co-organised by the European Commission and the Greek Presidency of the European Union, the event is expected to attract 600 participants to discuss the essential role of global research infrastructures. On 3 April, Kostas Nittis (EuroGOOS) and Peter Haugan (University of Bergen, Norway), EMB Chair and vice-Chair respectively, will speak in a session focusing on Marine Research Infrastructures. EMB will also disseminate a strategic paper on the 'European Ocean Observation System' PDF (Chapter 11, extract from Navigating the Future IV, EMB, 2013). Other key thematic areas include cultural heritage, food security and e-science. 


EMB WG SUBLAND wrap-up meeting (1 April 2014, Athens)

Tuesday, 01 April 2014

WG SUBLANDwrap-upThe final meeting of the EMB working group on Submerged Landscapes and Underwater Archaeology (WG SUBLAND) takes place today at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) in Athens, Greece. Chaired by Nic Flemming (NOC, UK), WG SUBLAND is working to deliver a strategic position paper targeted at the development of collaborative and mutual knowledge between marine and social scientists to bring an improved understanding of past human response to sea level change. In today's meeting, members conducted an extensive review of each chapter of the future position paper and reviewed the results of a  survey completed by national heritage agencies. Members also discussed approaches for interacting with stakeholders and decision makers, linking to the EU Blue Growth agenda. It is anticipated that the position paper will be launched at the EurOCEAN 2014 conference in Rome, taking place on 7-9 October 2014.

4th EMB Forum, Arctic 2050: Message Released

Friday, 21 March 2014

4thEMBForumMessage Arctic2050Following on from the 4th European Marine Board Forum ‘Arctic 2050’ held in Brussels on March 12, the forum message has now been released. Five key messages emerged as a result of forum discussions which focused on how industry and science can work together to achieve sustainable management of the Arctic Ocean. The need for a strategic plan for data collection in the Arctic Ocean was identified as a top priority during these discussions. Other key messages include the need for developing a marine spatial plan, engagement of indigenous communities in research and more effective use of local and traditional knowledge, multidisciplinary and cross-sector partnerships for securing long-term strategic funding, and the need to anticipate infrastructure changes in the Arctic as a result of increased shipping and maritime activities. Further information on the 4th EMB Forum including all forum presentations is available on the forum webpage.

EMB co-organizes a workshop on Oceans & Human Health (20-21 March 2014, Cornwall, UK)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

OceansHealth Page 1OHHCornwall grExperts from a diverse range of scientific disciplines are gathering in Cornwall today to discuss a more coordinated approach to addressing the complex linkages between the marine environment and human health. The two-day science-policy event is being co-organized by the European Marine Board and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. Building on the messages of EMB Position Paper 19 Linking Oceans and Human Health (PDF), the workshop will support a multidisciplinary brainstorming on future scientific and strategic priorities within this research field as a crucial next step towards developing a coordinated Ocean and Human Health research effort in Europe. The mixed gathering of scientists, policymakers and representatives of research funding agencies, will deliver a strategy statement which will be actively communicated amongst a broad and relevant audience in Europe and beyond. In early June 2014, the EMB will also participate in a Gordon Research Conference in Oceans and Human Health in Maine, USA, where the EMB position paper and outputs of the Cornwall workshop will be further communicated. EMB position paper is the output of the EMB working group on Oceans and Human Health (WG OHH), chaired by Prof. Michael Moore (PML, UK). More on WG OHH here