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New Science Officer Joins EMB

Britt Alexander joined the EMB Secretariat on Monday 11 March 2019 as a Science Officer. Brittany Alexander (PhD 2015) holds a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Bristol, UK, a MSc in Biotechnology from McGill University, Canada, and a PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her PhD work led to the characterisation of the cellular mechanisms underlying the Sponge Loop pathway by which sponges recycle nutrients in the ocean, and has applications in advancing sustainable sponge aquaculture. After her PhD Britt worked at the Swiss-based publisher Frontiers (2016-2019) contributing to the development and management of the open-access journal Frontiers in Marine Science. At EMB, she will take on the new activity on Big Data, as well as other activities within the Secretariat.

You can find her contact details here